#025 Increase and Decrease line indentation in Visual Studio

Tabbing / Indenting / Undenting (okay that’s not a word, but it sounds good) in Visual Studio is very simple. There are several options to get your code formatted just the way you like it. This video trick shows you how.

[TAB] (With a line [or lines] highlighted) will further indent

[SHIFT]+[TAB] (With a line [or lines] highlighted) will decrease the current indentation

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#024 Uppercase and Lowercase Keyboard Shortcuts

Some languages (like SQL) have a long standing tradition of using upper case for the keywords. But to me, it’s kind of hard to type in upper case, but at the same time I like the way it looks when a stored procedure is nicely cap’d. This video shows you how to select a word, and make it all Uppercase, or all Lowercase. It can also be done from the Edit menu.

[CTRL]+[SHIFT]+U = Make Uppercase

[CTRL]+U = Make Lowercase (this is weird to me, they seem backwards)

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#023 Color coded track changes

The indicator margin has all these yellow and green ticks on it. What are they? This video shows you what they are, why they’re there, and how to show/hide them.

Tools|Options >> Text Edit / General >> Track Changes = Toggle the visible track changes

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#022 Delete the beginning white space for selected line(s)

Weather you are trying to copy/paste some code into an IM for a friend to look at, or want to better align your source code, you will want to start by removing he white space at the beginning of the line. This quick trick shows you how.

[CTRL]+K, [CTRL]+\ = Remove all white space at the beginning of the line

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#021 Transpose Characters, words, and lines in the editor

Moving text around is something we all need to do frequently. This trick shows you how to transpose characters (which is great for fixing typos), words, and lines with their neighbors. Characters flip with their neighbor to fix a type or spelling error. Words switch left and right to quickly move a word down the line (by repeating the process) and moving the line is a great way to move a line up or down without using cut/paste.

[CTRL]+T = Transpose a character

[CTRL]+[SHIFT]+T = Transpose a word

[ALT]+[SHIFT]+T = Transpose a line

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