#030 Bookmarks Usage + Change Visibility and Line Colors in Visual Studio

Toggling bookmarks are extremely helpful. You have to jump from file A to file B, over to file J, back to B, back to A. (Sound familiar to what you did today 🙂 – Bookmarks are little popcorn nuggets you can leave along your trail to find your way back to where you once were quickly. Bookmarks are controlled from the Edit | Bookmarks menu, or fully from the keyboard. This video introduced you to bookmarks, and then shows you how to change the look/feel and visibility of the bookmarks.

[CTRL]+B,T = Toogle bookmark on or off

[CTRL]+B,P = Jump to Previous Bookmark

[CTRL]+B,N = Jump to Next Bookmark

[CTRL]+B,C = Clear all Bookmarks

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#029 Print the file name on Visual Studio Source code prints

Ever see a random printed page of source code and wonder where it came from? Print the file name in the header to eliminate this from ever happening to you. This video shows you where to setup Visual Studio to print the header.

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#028 Setup Printer to print WYSIWYG from the Visual Studio Editor

By default printed source code is Courier 10pt. If you want, you can change this to match the editor fonts, or even do something that is unique to the printer. This video shows you how.

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#027 Print line number from Visual Studio

Do you ever have to print your source code? If you do, and then hand that source code out at a meeting, or leave it with someone, it is **MUCH** nicer to have line numbers printed for reference. This video shows you how to accomplish line numbers on your source code prints.

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#026 Show Line numbers in Visual Studio

Working with a colleague? Doing a screen share? Have Visual Studio running on a projector? Get an error message that contains a line number? All these situations make your life tough if you have to watch the status bar to check your line numbers. This video shows you how to display the line numbers on the screen.

Tools | Options >> Text Editor | All Languages | General, and Check Line numbers

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