Benefits of a knowing your local Restaurateur

So today at Gangplank a couple of the guys were standing around thinking about were to go to lunch. We didn’t figure it out – we just started walking towards Ol’ Town Downtown Chandler. About once a week, we end up at Murphy’s Law. A local bar, that has great great great great (did I say great!) food.

It’s an Irish bar – with great food. Why? They have a real Chef. His name is Chad and he knows his way around the kitchen. He’s also friendly enough to come out to the table and say hi to some guys that he recognizes from Gangplank.

Today we were looking around the menu, asking each other what’s good, and in a very collaborative conversation we decided to let “Chef” decide. Bring whatever. No rules, no allergies, no favorites, the only *hint that I dropped, was that I liked spicy, and no one objected. The price was set at $15.00 per person, and we would get an appetizer to share, and a meal for each of us. I can’t explain the ingredients to give them enough goodness, but I’ll try.

App 1 – Grilled Shrimp, with a mixed green salad with tiny pineapple pieces
App 2 (free bonus???) – Some sort of Sausage, laid out on onion rings, covered in a hot/spicy cheese sauce
Main Entrée – Spicy (Jalapeno) Mashed potato cake, covered with thinly sliced beef
For $15.00 a person, are you kidding me?


This is just one of the benefits on knowing your local restaurateur.

Thank you Chad – It was a great lunch.

Note To Self: Eat at Murphy’s Law more often 🙂