Best customer service EVER– for the win. I don’t have a ton of time – so this will be short.

I sent a thank you gift to some friends, but I used an old (wrong) address. The people who live there now, called and told about the mistake. Berries (Called Shari’s Berries online) called me and left a very nice voice mail. I got the new address, called back to customer service, and there are replacing my order, to the new address no charge.

Within 10 minutes of hanging up, I rec’d a FedEx notification, and the Berries gift will be delivered overnight, tomorrow.



If you have a gift for someone, please consider using to send it. I think they’re somehow part of a much larger company, but who cares. With this kind of service, it doesn’t make sense to use anyone else.

Thank you – best of luck to you and your business.