Happy to be Insured with Allstate

We have all of our insurance with Allstate agent Wes Cain. As many of you know, a month ago I was in a minor car accident. I say minor because there were no injuries, and just external body damage to the rear of my car.

I have never been in a car accident before that was my fault, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Now, a month later, the accident is behind us (me really) and the car is back good as new.

My final thoughts on the whole accident are …

  • I’m glad no one was inured
  • I’m glad the car accident was minor
  • I’m grateful that Wes Cain is our insurance agent.
  • I’m grateful that we’re insured with Allstate

Here is a quick run down of how easy it was to get everything solved.

  • I called the 800 number, filed a claim, and in just a few minutes on the phone had a claim filed.
  • My agent, Wes, called Monday morning to make sure everything was okay.
  • While on the phone call – he recommended an auto body shop, if I didn’t already have one in mind (I used his suggested shop, since it was better than just opening the phone book)
  • I dropped my car off the same day (Monday) to the body shop.
  • Allstate setup a rental car with Enterprise, pre-paid, who picked me up from the body shop.
  • Two weeks later, my car was fixed.
  • Returned the car to Enterprise – who drove me to the shop.
  • I paid my very low deductible (due to out previous good driver deductible credits)
  • Done.

During the whole process I spent less than 30 minutes on the phone, and one hour retrieving and returning the rental car. This includes talking to the claim recorder, the adjuster, my agent, the accident reporter (from Allstate), and the body shop. The entire process could not have been easier.

If you live in the Phoenix metropolitan southeast valley area, I recommend you call Wes Cain for Auto Insurance 480-926-4582. If you’re not in the area, seriously consider switching to Allstate for insurance.

I have known Wes and his staff for around 10 years, and I can say that both personally and professionally he is a great person. Wes has an agent page on the Allstate Website Here. I highly recommend him.