I HATE BlockBuster – Still!

About every two years or so, I forget how much I hate Blockbuster Video Rental. I think it started with petty late fees, and just an overall bad experience in the rental stores back in the day. For the last few years, we’ve had NetFlix, and it’s worked perfect for us. In fact – we still have Netflix – both DVD and streaming with our XBOX 360 kinect. The whole family loves and uses Netflix on a regular basis.

But today, I was looking for a movie that wasn’t on NetFlix Streaming, and Jamie and I wanted to watch it tonight, after the kids went to bed. It just so happened that I had a coupon from the check out at our local grocery store for a free Blockbuster Express Kiosk rental. I jumped online and setup an account on the express site, and found a rental kiosk at the gas station around the corner.

Upon checkout, in the fine print I see that the coupon I have is expired. Well I guess that the first thing that is stupid. Why put an expiration date on something that you’re trying to use as customer acquisition? OK – no problem, I’m still in for the $2.99 to Rent “Wall Street”

After setting up my account I get an email that reads …

And don’t forget, just for setting up your profile on BLOCKBUSTER Express™, you get a first night DVD rental FREE, on us! Simply enter the promotional code ESU11B when prompted during the rental process at the kiosk.

So cool, I’m back in the free trial – this movie isn’t going to cost anything. Off to the gas Station. I get there, thumb through the kiosk, pick the movie “Wall Street” and on the checkout screen, I see that you can add a coupon. So I type in my code and press the big green DONE button. Aaaannnnnddddd, I should have known they would mess it up again. The next screen says it’s not valid promotion code. I’m sure somewhere in the fine print of the email says, this coupon is only valid on blah blah blah. Why even send it if I can’t use it? Blockbuster – I HATE YOU.

Blockbuster is a liar    I hate Blockuster - Because they lie to their customers

So I walk away – the movie isn’t that important. I don’t want to be a Blockbuster Customer. I’ve since put the movie in my NetFlix Queue and when it releases in a few weeks, I’ll have the DVD magically show up in my mailbox.


Use NETFLIX – for DVD or online streaming – nothing beats them.