Installing WordPress on Azure in 3 minutes

I recently moved from my old hosting provider to Windows Azure Websites. It was so fast and simple, I wanted to do a srceencast showing just how easy it was. If you're interested in blogging, or using WordPress for anything, you owe it … [Continue reading]

Azure CDN: A Valuable Lesson Learned

On October 21st around 6pm Pacific time, our Azure CDN was gone! It came back a few hours later, but I started digging into a solution that would help mitigate this in the future (this post). Instead of the CDN serving content, it was serving 400’s … [Continue reading]

Windows 8.1 Improved Search Charm

I installed and started running Windows 8.1 a few weeks ago, and I started a new habit. Instead of hitting WINDOWS to launch the full screen start menu, I now just press [WINDOWS]+[S], to bring up the Search Charm. The nice thing about this is ... … [Continue reading]

Building a Stuffed Animal Zoo

stuffed animal zoo

Our children’s stuffed animal collection is out of control. They love them dearly. Each and every one have names, and a back story. Grandma loves Build-A-Bear as much (or maybe more) than the kids do, and with a combined 12 years of stuffed animal … [Continue reading]

Square Drive Screws FTW

Square Head Screw

I find that a lot of friends don’t know square drive screws exist. BUT … once you have used a square drive, you will probably never want to use a phillips or flat head again. What is a square drive screw you ask? Well, it’s a screw with a … [Continue reading]