#4 Windows 7 Magnifier Presenter KB Shortcuts

If you ever have an audience that is looking at your screen, you have a couple of options to change your screen resolution. You can go all out, and actually change your resolution, but that sometimes has a drastic effect that manipulates all your applications, toolbars, etc. Remember that there is a difference in what you should do, based on your audience. If there are 3 or 4 of you hovered around your monitor for a few minutes, then changing your resolution is probably not a nice choice. On the other hand, if you have hundreds or thousands of people in your Microsoft TechEd audience, then you absolutely change your resolution to 1024X768.

In both situations, if you are projecting your screen, it’s helpful to know about the Windows 7 Magnifier.

The video will show how all this works, but for keyboard junkies, here are the keyboard shortcuts …

  • [WINDOWS-LOGO-KEY][+] – Activate the Magnifier, centering the magnification on your current cursor position, magnified at the last zoom percentage.
    • If the magnifier is already active
    • [WINDOWS-LOGO-KEY][+] will increase the magnification percentage by 100
  • [WINDOWS-LOGO-KEY][-] – Lower the Magnification percentage in increments of 100 [500%,400%,300%,200%,100%]
  • [WINDOWS-LOGO-KEY][ESC] – Close the Magnifier, and show the full screen