Aptera Disappoints Me

ApteraAptera Motors promises to be an amazing vehicle. I’ve been wanting one since I first heard about it from my buddy Lorin, back in the day. In fact, I wanted one so bad, that I put in the $500 deposit. Not a lot of scratch and it get’s me on the list. How cool will it be to someday (maybe??) have one of these to drive around?

The Aptera messaging is filled with “We listen to our customers?” and “We will build what they want” and “We’re trying our hardest”. I’m here to tell you different. As of this writing, I have been 100% left in the dark to what’s going on as an Aptera Pre-order(er?). I get a newsletter. That’s it. And that’s only because I signed up for the newsletter on the website, the same as anyone else can do. I’m not looking for insider information, just something that keeps me informed.

Since I placed my deposit many years ago, I haven’t heard anything. Not a “Thank you for your interest”, Not a “We hope to have cars before 2015”, not a “You’re still on the list”, nothing.  Actually, that’s not true – I did once get an email that said (paraphrase) “Double your deposit to show us your serious and lock in ……{something}”.

I’ve contacted their customer service, and twitter team, and both times I’ve been given the run around, trying to get this answer. Here is what I want to know Aptera.

Am I still on the list?

I’m just an investor, and to be honest, maybe I’m not even that. I’m guessing my little (tiny) dollars are in some escrow account safe and sound for a someday/maybe when the Aptera is released. I have to think that Aptera values it’s depositors, but so far there is no proof of that. How can a company take what is essentially a Pre-Order customer, and ignore them? More than ignore, actually avoid, those customers?

I’m not sure I have any belief that this company will ever listen to, or be helpful to it’s customers. While I really want this cool looking car, and I don’t have any worries about it’s safety, I do seriously consider the service/repair end of the game with as much as I have been ignored.