AZGroups May 10 2010 Day of Net

WOW. Another event behind us. What a speaker line up this year huh?

  • Scott Guthrie
  • Scott Guthrie
  • Scott Hanselman
  • Jeffrey Palermo
  • Tim Heuer
  • Scott Guthrie

Why is ScottGu listed 3 times? Because he gave us 4 hours of content. Amazing that he’s got so much energy, coding talent, stage presence, and community concern to still donate this much of his time. I can’t say how grateful we are as a community that ScottGu continues to agrees to come to our event.

We also have to take a moment and say thank you to the Sponsors. Without their financial support, this event is not possible. The bottom line is the event takes money and it has to come from somewhere. Either it comes from the attendees or sponsors (or a hybrid of some sorts, like VIP seats). So THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! to all the Sponsors. I hope it was as enjoyable for you as it was for all the attendees, and I hope to see your name on the list again for the next event 🙂

Looking back at the reviews I asked people to fill out, all-in-all the day was a success. We did have some logistical problems with parking, eating fast enough, handing out prizes, etc. We also had 100% positive notes across the board for the Speakers. Some didn’t understand the professional level talk on MVC2 because it was out of their comfort zone. They either said “I’m not suing MVC2” or “I’m not advanced enough to follows the MVC2 tricks” but many many evals came back positive of the talk as well. At the end of the day, I’m happy with the content. Something for everyone, something targeted at the beginners, and something targeting at the MVC professionals.

We have Photos

You may know our own community member Richard Kimbrough. He’s the guy we always as to take pictures, and he does an amazing job. We’ve uploaded them to Flickr, which you can browse around and tag yourself, or watch the Slide Show. If you have photos, please feel free to upload them to your favorite hosting site and tag them #AZGroups so we can find them. Or if you like, zip them up and use to send them to me. I’ll upload them as part of the official set.

We have Video

I was contacted about 3 months ago from They are a local .net shop that has a product for sharing presentations. They offered to do some volunteer work on our behalf, and I’m not sure they new what they were getting into 🙂 They have been VERY VERY helpful and quite frankly we could not have this content online if it were not for them. Now that we have a content service provider to build and host the content, we need a way to record it. Very special thanks to two people for making that happen. First, Josh Vorves ran our Video Mixing board which let the audience see close ups of the speaker, and the computer screen, and the picture in picture effects for the demo (Mark Miller coding with a Guitar, say what ???? wait for it, it’ll be online later), and Josh also did a ton of behind the scenes work to help with the video and audio recordings. And Lorin Thwaits came through for us with all the camera gear. Lorin spent many hours of prep before the event, as well as the entire day running the cameras, and checking on the audio/video recordings. Out community friend Matt Birmingham also stepped up last minute as a volunteer to run one of the audience cameras. Thank you Matt. At the end of the day, what you’re about to see online was only possible because of these 4 volunteer team members.

  • (Their whole company)
  • Lorin Thwaits
  • Josh Vorves
  • Matt Birmingham

We did have one video/audio/technical casualty during the day where Mr. Jeffrey Palermo’s video was lost. We kind of knew going into this event that the entire “video online afterwards” project was going to be difficult to get perfect. To be honest, I’m ecstatic that we have all of the content that we do have, but I sincerely regret to announce that the MVC2 tips/tricks talk could not be posted online. We have portions of it, but at this point we’ve decided that it’s not enough to salvage the talk. After that downer – if you’re interested, there is a guy on Palermo’s team that did a very similar talk that is to be posted for the May 2010 Meeting on Community for and Jeffrey Palermo has his slides posted here.

Head on over to the AZGroups channel on to see all the talks. And know that I’ll be using for my events in the future as well.