Calculate the Miles Per Gallon on your Car

I’m writing this as a fun fact that millions of people already know, and calling to light something that may seem obvious but you just never thought of. How can you calculate the miles per gallon on your car?

  1. Fill your tank with gas, all the way
  2. Set your trip on the odometer to zero
  3. Drive.
  4. Drive some more.
  5. Drive until you have less than 1/8 a tank
  6. Fill your tank again.
  7. Before leaving the Gas Station, look at you trip meter. How Many miles did you drive?
    1. X = Miles driven (We’ll use 400 for our Example) X=400
  8. Look at the gallons purchased on your second gas reciept
    1. Y = Gallons of Gas Purchased (We’ll use 11 for our example) Y=11
  9. X / Y = Miles Per Gallon
    1. 400 / 11 = 36.3 Miles Per Gallon.

Try it, it’s fun. Maybe try this for 3 to 10 tanks of gas, and you’ll be able to take an average and get a good feel for what your car is delivering.