Google – Please Enhance your Single Sign-In

This is a just a quick rant – and maybe, just maybe, there is a solution out there that I’m not aware of. I’m a fan of several Google services. But I cringe every time I have to log in to a service, because I can’t remember which one of the now three accounts I have.

It all started with Gmail. When Gmail was announced – I signed up with ScottCate@ – which was my first Google account. With this account, I started using most Google services, logging in with my ScottCate@ account.

Then months (or years???) later, Google announced Applications, and I signed up for Scott.Cate@ which was my second account. To my knowledge – there is no way to merge or link the Gmail account, and my applications account, so now if I see a service to play with like Google Wave, or Google Voice, I have to decide which account to use.

So when Google Voice was announced, I was lucky enough to already have a account, so it was migrated. And the Applications email didn’t let me log in, so I “Linked” my Google Voice account to my Gmail account. Then months later, Voice announced support for your own number, but I couldn’t see a way to do that with an exiting account, so I setup a new account under Scott.Cate@ Oh wait – That email is now setup as a Google account. Not an applications account.

See my confusion? Now I have a Google Account, and a Google Apps Account – with the same name – Scott.Cate@ I’m sure this whole thing it my fault – and I did it all wrong. But I know I’m not alone, just searching online, I can see a lot of others having this same problem.

The core problem here is that Google treats Application accounts separate than Google accounts. Two totally different and unrelated entities. I’m sure this is a great technical problem, but it’s painful for their consumers.

My simple request from Google.

Please offer a Merge between Gmail and Google App accounts feature.

Thank you!