How I saved $30 using Cash Back (With Video)

I’m looking for a new desktop scanner, with an auto document feeder, that can scan both sides (known as Duplex scanning). Against the better judgment of a friend, I’m looking for (was looking for) a NeatDesk scanner. My buddy suggested a different model, but it was almost double the price.

After you search around online, and decide on a purchase the next step is to decide where to make the purchase.

I really like to buy online with big brand sites like,, (with in store pickup option),,,, etc. The reason is for safety, and a better return policy. I’ll also step out to for sellers that have really high sales numbers (like over 500) and a perfect, or next to perfect feedback rating (over 99%).

When searching for this scanner on, I found an 8% Microsoft Bing cash back link. It’s an eBay link, and you have to pay with, and you have to use BuyItNow on eBay. Perfect, this is what I was going to do anyway. As you know by now, I’m a fan of video blogging, so here’s a video that shows the whole process. The bottom line is that I just saved $50 on this brand new in box scanner. $379 instead of $399 (with free shipping) and, yes **AND** $30 cash back from Bing.

Enjoy the Video …

And I forgot to show this at the end of the video, but here is a screen shot of my pending $30 cash back, on