I don’t know: Can you display the file size in Visual Studio Solution Explorer

A reader asks…

When viewing the Solution pane in Visual Studio 2008, is there a way to display file sizes? Most of my web applications have files in the project besides ASPX and the like (i.e., SWF, GIF, JPG) all of which affect download times. I like to remind myself of file sizes, and I have to open Windows Explorer and look at the file there to get the file size. If this functionality is not in Visual Studio, how do I request it?

My first answer is …. I don’t think so. I know in VS2010 there is a lot of ways to customize the IDE, that can’t be done today, so I’m going to guess that it can be done with an extension in CS2010, and that it can not be done in VS2008 without some fancy footwork.

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