I’ve been accepted as a Microsoft Regional Director

I’m happy to have accepted the prestigious Microsoft Regional Director award in February, 2011.

The Regional Director program is an award that is given to outstanding community members, who support the Microsoft Stack. You may have heard of the MVP program? The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional’s are awarded based on a specific technology. I’ve been an ASP.net MVP since 2003, and continue that award through the time of this posting in 2011. The Regional Director award is given to members of the community that have tremendous reach across multiple technologies. It’s important to understand, I don’t work for Microsoft as an employee, and that this is simply an award that I have been given.

To put the award into perspective, there are (I’m guessing here) around 6000 Elite Technology MVP’s worldwide. There are only (again I’m guessing) around 250 regional directors from around the globe.

I’m honored to become a part of such a strategic and influential group of people. Regional Directors have been around for many many years, and now I’m the new kid on the block. While I do know many (err most) of the Regional Directors, I’m excited to meet and build a relationship with the others on the team that I don’t already know. Especially the international members.

Thank you to everyone that had a hand in making this happen. I won’t let you down.

@scottcate (on twitter)