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@ScottGu – Just announced support for Silverlight 3 outside the browser on win and the mac.

Built in auto update support. Dev can change it – update the server – SL3 will auto detect / update / install and start using the new application.

Offline aware support in SL3.

Event to be raised when the network status changes.

Offline data support!


Blend 3 has native import of Adobe PhototShop and Illustrator files.

Saves the layer support, merge layers, etc.


DSC03095 DSC03096 DSC03097 DSC03098 DSC03099 DSC03100 DSC03101

Ship the protoype to client with a free runtime / viewer / player – can run and collect feedback.

 DSC03102 DSC03103 DSC03104 DSC03105

Protyping with Blend 3 Sketch Flow



10:41 Scott Gu Back on Stage. Talking about Expression Blend 3 – Sketch Flow.


this summer is releasing a new site


Excited to announce… a new site, a new concept. Will go live later tonight …. launching this evening with 54 free issues using the technology.


@10:37 – Scott from VERTIGO showing how they’re using SL3 to browse old rags, with a Rolling Stones demo. Deep linking demo to send a specific page to a friend.




DSC03088 DSC03089 DSC03090 DSC03091 DSC03092  DSC03087



10:27 SL3 News. GPU Accelration, Perpective 3D, Bitmap & Pixel API, Pixel Shader + Deep Zoom


10:21 Perkins Miller Sr. VP Digital Media for the Beijing Olympics. Huge traffic volumes, not only during the Olympics, but for the weeks after. The Advertisers were very happy. Users who used the enhanced experiences, ended up watching more regular TV. The online presence made them happier, more engaged, and also ended up watching the television. Again, good for everyone.

Will be able to use the pause, rewind, slow motion, + full meta data overlays.

Olympics will also have a Silverlight relationship for the Winter Olympics next year in Vancouver, Canada.

Will have the ability to do live ad insertions.

331 days to go until the next winter Olympics 🙂


10:20 New player / IIS Streaming / Has a record behind, with pause for live video, the new web server, automatically archive the video being displayed. give the ability to rewind a live event, pause a live event. Very cool


10:16 –Gu Demo – Import AVI, h.264, vc1, mpeg3, mpeg4 , showing off the live streaming, the encoding, and

DSC03077 DSC03078 DSC03079 DSC03080 DSC03081 DSC03082 DSC03083 DSC03084 DSC03085


10:13 Gu back on Stage. SL3 – Enables hardware graffics acceleration – both Windows + Mac. Deliver true HD Quality Media.


NEW Codec support. MPeg-4, H.264, AAC

Also excited to announce, IIS Media Services platform. One click install from the web platform shown earlier.

On demand smooth streaming, Edge caching, web playlists, bit rate throttling, and advanced logging.

Shipping support for LIVE Smooth Streaming. Released today in Beta form.


DSC03070 DSC03072 DSC03073 DSC03074

Kevin McEntee – Talks about how great Silverlight is for NetFlix. Users do not like to do installers. 12% won’t install. 8% that do try, fail. that’s a 20% failure rate on the old installers.

With the Silverlight installers things are much better.

Now Netflix is out of the installer business. Content protection is built into Silverlight.

Able to rev the NetFlix player every two weeks – in the old days – the player couldn’t be udpated because of the new install. So the player just keeps getting better and better – because a new player doesn’t require a new installer – ITS BUILT ON SILVERLIGHT 🙂 Such a great success story.


10:01 @ScotGu back on stage – Talking about Silverlight 3

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New Silverlight Virtual Earth SDK.

10’s of thousands of sites aroudn the world


Joel Spolsky – Talking more about how BizSpark helped them get started. Didn’t want to build StackOverflow for a ton of money, they built it as a prototype.

Kind of a commercial now.


Jeff Atwood trying to push OpenId routing – mans the urls are pretty, clean, simple, and just make sense.

performance, performance, performance



DSC03066 DSC03067 DSC03065

9:54 Invite Jeff Atwood – Joel Spolksy hit the stage.


9:53 Bizspark – Enable Startups.

Access to microsoft software.

free licenses.

any product license for first 3 years.

lower initial startup costs.

program includes additional marketing + bix dev

godaddy / rackspace / teir 1 – offer free hosting for BizSpark startups.


9:51 commerce server 209 release – new version this week.

Host applications in the cloud – SQL services now support relational database Raw ADO.NET support.

.NET full trust ( this was a huge upgrade from the original .net medium trust )


Installer now with web sites.

An online app store – all free – and one click installer – used the web platform installer.

dev hosts their own stuff. the instal bits come from dev servers, just hosted on the app store.


DSC03060 DSC03061 DSC03062 DSC03063 DSC03064




The @Umbraco team is happy to have their logo on screen 🙂


9:43 Common theme – alot of new technology – how do i figure out all the new technolgoies.

today we’re shipping V2 of Web Platform installer.

provides a unified list of all the microsoft web.stack




9:42 – Multiple web.cofig support


9:41 Code focused features – lots of editor improvements


9:40 4 improvements. distributed caching – velocity, ajax, mvc, and web forms.


Visual Studio 2010 javascript / ajax / jquery / sharepoint major imporvements


9:39 – ASP.NET MVC 1.0 RTM. This was known earlier this week.


9:38 Super Preview is available today – as a stand alone version – should be available now.


New product – that shows ALL browsers at once.

SUPER PREVIEW – new Feature in Expression Blend

Can use cloud service – to get images of html from browsers in Microsoft cloud


This isn’t out of focus – it’s showing two browsers overlayed on each other. what’s cool about this above photo, is that the overlay is safari on a mac. yes a mac. it’s an image that was returned from a cloud service, that has a mac running, the html is rendered, and the image is returned and overlayed.



 DSC03049 DSC03050 DSC03051 DSC03052

see content in side-by-side. Test ie6, ie7, ie8 on a single machine.

DSC03053 DSC03054 DSC03055

9:33 How do you build a CSS / HTML – Super Preview Demo






9:27 Buy Steve, Welcome video for ScottGu.

(I have the video – will post later)

Standards based web.



Briefly talk about how 9 months from zero to scratch was pretty amazing. not that zune is better than iPod – but how zero to final in 9 months was a big deal.


9:23 Microsoft is bringing on more and more (800) designers



9:20 Someday we’ll have tools – with renderings, states, and transitions. ( HERE IT COMES >>>> )


9:19 Need as much details in the transitions, as you do in the states. The transitions are very important. Without the transitions, it’ll fail.



9:18am Do it with post it notes – much faster than any technology.



9:17. Starting to talk about Sketching. I think this is linking into a product



9:13am – Draw my phone. Easy.

Draw the User Interface. Really Hard.

Draw the Experience. impossible.






9:12 Talk about this bike ad – vs. the bike running through the water.


9:08 General Message == Return on Experience.



9:02 Bill Buxton takes the stage – Focus on Experience.



9:00 Show is about to begin – just hooked up with the @Umbraco crowd



8:54 Trying to find the right picture size – trying 640X480 now. Going with a native 640X480 size.

the hall has 2500 seats – not sure how many are in attendance



8:51 Live DJ on stage



8:44 – Sending Twitter updates with #Mix09 tag – will show up in the keynote as we’re waiting.


If you’re not able to Make it to Microsoft’s MIX09 conference this year, I have good news for you. I’ll be ( let’s call it ) live casting several of the sessions, mainly the keynotes. Images + Quick notes will let you instantly know what’s being announced.

There will be several ways to virtual attend … I’m sure Microsoft will be posting the keynotes in video form, like they have in the past; but I’m not sure it’ll be live. I’ll be posting pictures + short notes as live/fast as I can from the keynote sessions.

Setup a twitter account (if you don’t have one already) and Follow @ScottCate

Alternatively you can bookmark this page –> and the during the conference it will Live Update with details as they are delivered.

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