Moving to GraffitiCMS

I started as a community new years resolution last week. To get started, I wanted something that was easy and fast to setup on my own servers, and I decided to check out all the hype around GraffitiCMS.

After a week of using the software, I’m extremely happy with it, and I’ve decided to transform the project into a blog upgrade for

Both URL’s still point to the same place, and the FeedBurner feeds still bring the same content. In fact a nice benefit of FeedBurner is that the original content feed can change, and the consumer doesn’t have to know about it (unless you read it in a post like this). FeedBurner is cool like that.

You may have been following my original blog feed at and I will maintain that blog for technical posts. On the left of this site, you’ll see three FeedBurner feeds.