Need WordPress Help? Ask Greg Taylor.

I have used this platform, and that random CMS over the last xx years to maintain my blog. Most of them started out strong, and then fizzled because the blog software went under, was home grown to begin with, or was more CMS that Blog software.

So I decided (many years too late) to move all my stuff to WordPress.

At GangPlank Chandler I met a guy named Greg Taylor, so I started talking to him, and he says no problem, he can do it. After some short planning, and a few weeks later, all my old content was migrated into this (as of 2012 Q4) new site. Greg runs a company named Marketing Press, and to my knowledge focuses exclusively on small word press sites. Melissa with Strong Design Studio’s also did some minor graphics design (the icons), but MOST of the work was transferring all that old content (photos, and videos, and blogs) into this new design. This included 100’s of posts, each with many photos in many places.

Thank you Greg, this project was easy, fast, on time, and I was never left wondering about status updates. You gave constant communications, you were on time and most important, you were on budget. Three very important metrics for success for my small website/blog project.