Pulling EasySearchASP.NET Off the Market

We’ve been talking about this for a while, and today is the magical day. EasySearchASP.net will no longer be a product sold by myKB.com, Inc. While the product still has a support life, and there are still (minute) sales, it is no longer financially prudent to keep the product on the market. We’re not investing any more dev resources into the product, and every day the product is more and more dated.

There are several competing options that are nice, and even public free options with Bing and Google that can do most of the tricks EasySearchASP.net had to offer. To be clear, we’re still supporting EasySearch – just no longer selling it.

If you already have a license, please sleep well at night knowing that bug fixes, and support are still available.

Please contact me directly, if you have questions about EasySearchASP.net.

11 May 2010
— sc