SkyDrive Glue between Word Desktop and Web App

Have you ever used the Web Apps for Office? I am becoming more and more addicted to them. They’re touch friendly (with my new Touch Screen Ultra Book [Lenovo Yoga 13]), fast, and have the glue/sync of SkyDrive built in.

In this quick screen cast, I create a word file on my desktop Word, in a SkyDrive Demos folder, that is already setup to sync to SkyDrive. Then on the website, I can use the Web App version of Word, make some changes to the same document, and see those changes magicaly sync’d back to my desktop drive.

I didn’t show sharing, but it’s just as easy to give access to another person or team to edit the file. The nice part about this is you just keep opening the document on your own machine, and SkyDrive does all the syncing for you between your own SkyDrive and the other users you’ve given editor access to.