Today @GangPlank – Brown Bag Lunch: ScreenCast Focused Video Blogging

I’ve been forced into @GangPlank, and I’m scared!

Not really, but kinda!

GangPlank Headquarters is a very community oriented tech group in Mesa, and I’ve heard about all the community events they do, but I always seem to be to busy to get over there. With all the community stuff I do, it’s hard to get to everything. Anyway, in December I got a mail from Derek that basically said “You’re speaking in February”. Didn’t ask, just appointed me. There was an out clause, but I agreed, and really liked the idea.

Had he just called out for speakers, I (and presumably others) wouldn’t have responded.

 So Derek — Good job on the take action / just ^ do it (NSFW) / plan.

In January 2009, I started a new blog, and I’m focusing a lot on screen cast videos. There is a lot of reasons, but mostly I just like video. You can say and do so much more, in so much less time, and people really Get It on video.

Here are my starter topics / bullet points to cover in my 20-30 minutes.

Some of these I know, and some of them I don’t. I’ll share what I’ve learned over the last 30 days in getting started with a ScreenCast video blog, as well as be asking questions about the parts I don’t know.

  • Software used / Camtasia Recording / Snagit (I heart TechSmith Tools)
  • Screen size (why I chose the somewhat weird 900X580 resolution)
  • Microphones and pre-amp (I use a Mobile PRE USB)
  • Rendering (Camtasia and/or Microsoft Expression Media encoder)
  • Mobile rendering (for playback on Windows Mobile)
  • Hosting / storage (why I have two storage facilities)
  • Blogging engine (how/why I chose GraffitiCMS)
  • Playing back on Silverlight vs. Flash
  • Online media players,, Youtube, Yahoo, Google, Soapbox



Here is the recorded embed….

Live TV by Ustream

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.