Using for everyday lists

I use for a lot of things. I program against the API, I use the Web Interface, and I even use the iPhone application to check my data. I rely on it a lot, and I thought since I talk about it so much, I would do a quick screen cast showing something that happened this weekend.

Basically, I have a list of about 30 items, that I want to keep track of so that someday it’ll be there if I need it. Where do you keep track of this kind of data? Please leave a note in the comments and let me know. I could have used a million solutions for this …

  • Word/Excel (saved on local machine)
  • Could have just emailed myself
  • Kept it on paper (and later lost it 🙂
  • But I use

If you’re interested, here is the screen cast, that shows from scratch how to setup a table, with a couple columns, enter some data, and even setup a relationship between two tables.

Enjoy the Video …

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