VS2010 Launch Talk: What’s New?

Here are my talking points for the Visual Studio Launch event today. I’m covering the “What’s New” talk. When I put this together, I didn’t want to just show a bunch of fancy new features that you may use someday. I really wanted to show Studio features that will make you more productive. Period. You should be able to leave the talk (or read this post) and start saving time instantly with your time in Visual Studio.

If you’re like me, you spend most of your time in Studio so every second counts. Each little tip/trick that you add to your bag of tricks is helpful, so in addition to just talking about some new keys/points/features of Studio 2010, I’ll also be throwing in several mini-production tips around keyboard shortcuts, debugging, and navigation.

As you know, the time on stage is limited and the key to being a good speaker is being able to roll with what’s happening with the audience. Agile Speaking 🙂 So I may or may not be able to go over all of these, and there may be additional topics that come up that aren’t listed, but … it’s my goal to stick as close as possible to this outline.

  1. Multiple Monitor Support
  2. Incremental Search, CTRL+i
  3. Box Select, Multi Line Select, ALT+MouseSelect
  4. Smart Tag from Keyboard, CTRL+.
  5. New VS2010 Navigation, CTRL+,
  6. Reference Highlights (Visual only)
  7. Temporary Projects (Tools|Options|Projects|Save New)
  8. Parallel Coding (Examples for .For and .ForEach)
  9. Debugging (Conditional, Trace Points)
  10. Intellitrace (Go back in time with the debugger)
  11. Generate Usage (Class, Methods, Props, Fields, Types)
  12. Find Usages, References, (F8)
  13. Call Hierarchy
  14. Sequence Diagrams
  15. Assembly Dependency Diagram
  16. Layer validation Diagram (Compiler v. Business Layers)

Based on time, I probably won’t get to do the last of these tips tricks, but I have them in my bag of tricks as filers. The idea here is to always make sure I have enough content prepared, but make sure the core concepts above are covered. So these additional tip/tricks may or may not make it into the 60 minutes.

  1. Custom Search Results (Registry Hack, HKCU/Soft/MS/VS/10/Find )
  2. Find Sibling Bracket/Parenthesis, CTRL+}
  3. Navigation Forward and backward, CTRL+-
  4. Clipboard Ring, CTRL+SHIFT+V
  5. Find Box in Command Mode
  6. Right Click or Context Menu Changes
  7. Zoom The Editor from the CTRL+SHIFT+< and CTRL+SHIFT+>
  8. Edit SLN and PROJ files inside Studio