What if you lose your Kindle?

KindleNumbersPhotoI was on a plane yesterday reading my Kindle, and the guy next to me says something like “I used to have a Kindle, but I left it on a plane”, while he was pointing to the Seat-Back Pocket. And another time this week, I saw something on TV about the volunteer staff that work at airports, that have thousands and thousands of found items, that they simply can’t return. Not that they don’t want to, there is just no way to, because there is no Personally Identifiable Information ( also known as P.I.I. ) on them.

Then I started thinking, what if I left my Kindle behind, how would someone return it, assuming that they wanted to? Sharpie? Maybe. Here is a better option. Shown below is the Amazon “Manage Your Devices” screen shot, where you’re allowed to name your Kindle Device. As you can see on the right, I have named Jamie and My Kindles, with both our name, and our Cell phone number, so if someone turns it on, they’ll see the P.I.I. where hopefully they’ll return it.

I thought this was a good enough idea to write about, and hopefully let others know!