Why Three ScottCate Feeds

I think it’s the best way to split content to what you may be interested in.

The /VSTricks Feed will only contain Visual Studio Tips and Tricks.

The /ScottCate Feed will have all content. Including the VSTricks, goofy family stories, technical, non-technical, whatever I’m thinking (like this post) content.

The /ScottCate ASP.NET Feed will have only content that is related to ASP.NET, Silverlight, or other interesting content concerning Microsoft, and my community (user group) related activities to Microsoft.

Minor [Very Minor] Cross Posting

Occasionally the ScottCate and ASP.NET feeds will be cross posted, but not frequently. Usually this happens when I’m planning an event ( like the annual Scott Guthrie event in PHX ) and I’ll post to both the .Net and ScottCate feeds.

VSTricks is Never Cross Posted

The VSTricks is exclusive tricks. The only exception to this was the first introduction post.