#004 Window Splitting in Visual Studio

Splitting windows/documents in multiple places can make your life much easier when working with a large number of documents. Check out the same document in split view to read the document in more than place (like top and bottom), or setup multiple documents side-by-side.

[MENU] Window|Split

[Footnote] Jan 8th, 8:15pm
Sorry for my voice in today’s screen cast – I’m currently befriending a bottle of Vitamin C to try and keep this sore throat in check. But I’m already behind on my new years resolution. There are over 300 of these tip tricks I need to video this year. It’s Jan. 8th, and I only have 4 videos, down 50% already. 🙂 It’ll be easy to catch up now, I already have the structure in place to pump out these videos.