#100 Reach the Navigation bar via the keyboard

At the very top of the editor and just below the File Tab Channel, you’ll find the Navigation Bar.  The left combo box lists objects and the right lists the select objects members.  This is very useful when you need to jump to various functions throughout a large solution, or you want to see what functions an object has (or is missing).

Navigation Bar

To jump to the navigation bar via the keyboard, press Ctrl+F2.  This is bound to the command Window.MoveToNavigationBar, so your keyboard shortcut mileage may vary. To toggle between the Objects list and the Members list, press Tab or Shift+Tab. 

Additionally, you can hide (or show) the navigation bar by going to Tools – Options – Text Editor – All Languages – General and setting the Navigation bar option to the desired setting.  Note that since this is found in All Languages, you can customize this for any listed language under the Text Editor node.

Display Navigation Bar Option