#54 How to set a bookmark and navigate among themv

Trick number #30 also talked about Bookmarks, but this time I go into a little more detail as to why your keyboard bindings might be different than what you’re seeing in the video. The short version is that you probably chose Visual Basic or Visual C# when you installed Visual Studio and each of these has a different set of keyboard binding. The video shows you how to figure out your bindings, and spends a little more time on the bookmarking system built into Visual Studio.


[CTRL]+[K], [CTRL]+[K] to toggle a bookmark.
This command is bound to Edit.ToggleBookmark, if your keybindings are different

[CTRL]+[K], [CTRL]+[N] (Edit.NextBookmark) to navigate to the next bookmark

[CTRL]+[K], [CTRL]+[P] (Edit.PreviousBookmark) to navigate to the previous bookmark

[CTRL+[K], [CTRL]+[L] (Edit.ClearBookmarks)

All of these commands can be found at Edit | Bookmarks

And also found on the Text Editor Toolbar.  Note that on the Text Editor Toolbar, as mouse-over below, the Previous Bookmark in Document and Next Bookmark in Document don’t have keyboard shortcuts bound to them, but they are listed on the text editor toolbar.

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