#71 Bookmark all of your Quick Find results

Sometimes when you’re looking for something in code, it would be nice for the results to persist. Instead of routing the results to the standard find box, this tip / trick shows you how to add a bookmark to all of the result findings. Then you’re free to use the keyboard shortcuts around bookmarking to navigate the results.


And if you’ve accidentally bookmarked half of your code by searching for a frequently-used search term (like i did the first time i tried this), simply open the Bookmark Tool Window (View – Bookmark Window), do a [CTRL]+[A] to select all bookmarks, and then hit delete.

The keyboard shortcuts around bookmarking are generally bound to …

[CTRL]+[B],[N] = Next Bookmark

[CTRL]+[B],[P] = Previous Bookmark

[CTRL]+[B],[C] = Clear all Bookmarks


If you’re in the habit of using [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[F] over [CTRL]+[F] to use Find in Solution over the default find options, you will not see the bookmark results button. It’s only on the default find dialog.