#90 Create a command alias

To create an alias, open up the Command Window (or anywhere you can type in VS commands) and type in something along the lines of

alias GobblesGobblesGobbles help.about

Command Window creating aliases

and now running GobblesGobblesGobbles from the VS command window will pop up the Help About menu.  I will award bonus points if you can figure out the Gobbles reference.  =)

But let’s explore a more practical application….

alias se View.SolutionExplorer

Now you can just type se to jump to the solution explorer.  For this particular example, the idea is you can be typing in the editor, press Ctrl+/ to jump to that Find window that can act as a command window, and type in se.

Actually, you’ve probably already used one of the predefined aliases before. Debug.Print is alias to ‘?’.  To see the full list of aliases, type in


predefined aliases

Lastly, to reset your command window aliases back to defaults, type in

alias /reset

Reset aliases warning prompt

or just simply use the /delete switch to delete a particular alias, like alias se /delete.