Microsoft Azure Websites: Full Support for Wildcard DNS and SSL

Microsoft Azure Websites is Pure Awesome. The speed and amount of work that can be done in a very short period of time is just amazing.

Today, I’m sharing a feature that I’ve been waiting for, for a long time. Wildcard support for DNS and SSL Certificates. In the past, you could use a wildcard certificate, but because Wildcard DNS wasn’t supported, you had to manually enter your sub domains one-by-one. This doesn’t scale very well.

In this screen cast I show you how to setup a *.Wildcard DNS and SSL under an Azure Website. It’s just shy of 5 minutes.

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Uber: Town Car Service on Demand


Uber is a new(ish) type of fancy car service that is on demand, and is now available in PHX Metro (and growing quickly to most parts of the world). I've used Uber in AZ, CA, and WA and NYC. Always great service; fast and clean. They have an iPhone … [Continue reading]

The Awesome WestJet Christmas Story


This was a great 5 minute video showing the great story of Christmas, on WestJet. What a great way to touch so many peoples lives. … [Continue reading]

Git Source Control: I Stopped using “Origin”

I have source code all over the place. Over the years, I’ve used Microsoft Source Safe Source Gear Vault Subversion Mecurial and Git These days, a Git Repo is where all of my source code lives. Both for personal, and work, both for … [Continue reading]

Silverlight of Yesterday–Saves me today!

Silverlight is an awesome product. As Flash is awesome and it’s glory. Silverlight is nicer for me, as I think in C# v. Action Script. That said, at work, we use the Adobe plug in model for quite a bit, it’s just not something I am personally … [Continue reading]