Derogatory Terms of Endearment

The Setup….

I’m on a layover in Denver airport at a restaurant. When I travel alone, I’ll pick a bar seat, since it’s usually first to come first to serve. Any open seat means I can eat on a tight schedule. After a few minutes, a lady politely asks if anyone is sitting next to me. “Nope, it’s all yours”. She takes a seat, orders something to go. I’m heads-down on my laptop waiting for my order and like everyone at the bar, we all ignore each other on screens, phones, TV’s, or whatever it is we’re working on.

Then the bartender yells from only about 10 feet, so it’s not overly loud, but louder than normal, “What was that you wanted to drink Honey?” My ears perk up as I hear this in the background. I say nothing, and keep working. 30 second later … “Hey Honey, did you want catsup with your to go order? At this point, I lean to my left and quietly say “It drives me nuts that he keeps talking to you as Honey”. She immediately smiles and says “Me too, thank you for noticing, and saying something to me”. Maybe I should have engaged with the bartender, but I didn’t. As I look back that was a teachable moment that I missed. Even after my neighbor left, I could have engaged, and then it would not have been awkward for the other patron. But I didn’t. more courage next time.

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Why You Should Fly Southwest Airlines

Southwest 737 in #PHX

As most of my friends know, i'm a Southwest Airlines fan boy. I love the airline. I just do. They have employees that actually care about their passengers and have great, easy to follow, very business friendly rules. Now ... some of you will … [Continue reading]

Southwest Isle seat trick

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How my family of four flies for free

50,000 bonus points

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LifeHack: Dyson Handheld is a GREAT Mosquito Catcher!

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