#3 Windows 7 “New Folder” Keyboard Shortcut

Organization is the name of the game, when keeping track of files/folders on your computer. Any computer, Any operating system, it doesn’t matter, if you have tens of thousands of files, they need to be organized. Typically these are organized is some sort of nested fashion. If you don’t use folders, then you end up with hundreds or possible thousands of files in the same place, and things just get harder to find.

Think about your Downloads directory. Everything you download get’s stuffed into the same directory. Think about the ease of having a Utils directory, or maybe a PDFs directory.

Now I’m getting side tracked, but the bottom line is … you’ll need to create folders, and here is a little keyboard shortcut that makes life a tiny little bit easier.

If you’re a KB junkie, save your time on the video, the trick is [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[N] in any Explorer window/dialog (including File | Save, Save As).