Arizona Technology … Where are you?

As you probably know, I run the It’s a simple calendar page, that shows what’s happening with technology user groups around the valley. It should be a single place to see what technology events are happening. Support your local community and user group by participating.

This morning, I’m sitting here in Phoenix (the 6th largest city in the U.S.) and I can’t name more than thirty (maybe forty if I really tried) software companies here in the valley off the top of my head. I’m sure there are hundreds. Of those thirty or forty companies, I know of them because of their participation in the community. Obviously there are the big guys we all know, Microsoft and GoDaddy, who have both been great supporters of the User Group sponsorship for events. But there are a ton of smaller (and larger) shops that are just invisible, flying under the radar going unnoticed. In my mind this is because they lack community participation.

So I thought I would ask.

What software company do you work for here in town? Give me a short description, and a link in the comments about your job, what you do for the company, and what the company (or software) does. If you’re company is already listed from a co-worker, feel free to leave your comments as well. I’m sure there is a directory or something online, but I’m not looking for a phone book, I’m looking for members who support the community.