Facebook on Windows Phone

It’s hard to fault a mobile OS for a client app, unless the client app is the most popular application you use.

I recently brought home a Windows Phone 8, Lumia 920 for my wife. And she was more than willing to give it a try. Her current iPhone 4S was failing her, being slow, and old, and she’s been hearing me brag about how great the Windows Phone is for over a year now.

It’s been maybe 2 weeks, and she has a love/hate relationship with it. It’s new, so she’s really given it a chance, and she’s learned a lot and loves a lot of it. The camera, the camera lenses, etc. At the end of the day, one application, is making her fantasize about the days of when it just worked. Even working slow … is still working.  the Facebook app.

In my head I asked myself. It can’t be that bad can it? So I tried it.

With Facebook open, side-by-side on WinPhone and iOS, there are just huge gaps in the application.

While I’m sure there are others, this is her current frustration, and they are glaring mistakes in the application.

  1. You can only see upcoming events. on the iOS version, you can see PAST events. This means that she can’t see anything about the event she was at last night. #fail
  2. The events, just show up as blank for details. (see this screen shot). And I tried this on both her phone, as well as my phone, on multiple events. They all just show as blank. The wall is active, but the info title/date/location/etc are all just blank.. #fail

So, this isn’t a fail on the part of the OS, but since Microsoft Did write the Facebook application, they should **VERY** quickly be updating this, or they’ll be having higher returns on their devices.

At the very least, with #FB #WP8 app should be on par with the iOS app, and I would actually expect it to be of much higher caliber.

Facebook Failed Event    

As I started this post. You can’t blame the OS for being bad, when really it’s an application that isn’t up to par. BUT (and that’s a big BUT) over all Microsoft is responsible for both the application and the OS here, and Jamie doesn’t care. All she knows is the old way was better. 🙁
I can’t wait to amend this post, with an “I told you so.” Come on Microsoft, do me proud, I need you brother!