QRCode scanner in Windows Phone 8.1

Did you know there is a native QRCode scanner inside your Windows Phone? It’s been moved around from Windows Phone (7,75,8) and in 8.1, it’s now part of your camera, as a lens named Bing Vision.

This quick screen cast shows you how / where to find and use the QRCode scanner.

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Windows Phone: Lost Screen App

You just realized you don’t have your phone in your pocket or purse! #Panic! #Panic! You’re also safety conscience, and you have a lock on your phone. Now all the good people of the world, have been limited on how they can return your phone. You’re only hope is you remember where it is, and go back and get it. Sure there is Login to WindowsPhone.com and use the FindMyPhone feature. OK, I’ll give you that. Remote Ring, Remote Secure Wipe …. those are nice features. This nice little app, by Scott Hanselman ( @shanselman on twitter ) will also help get your phone back the next time you leave it behind!

This quick video/screen cast shows you how to setup the app, and add your private information to the lock screen on your phone.

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Windows Phone + Cortana + XBOX music

When you hear that new (or old) song on the radio, or in a club, wouldn’t it be great if you could grab a copy and save it on your phone? Well you can, and it’s **VERY** easy to do with Cortana on Windows Phone 8.1

This is a quick video/screen cast that listens to the radio, grabs a song, and adds to it a new playlist.

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Windows Phone 8: Working with ICS Files

ICS is a file type online commonly used for calendar data. Windows Phone 8 doesn’t have support for ICS built in, but it does allow applications to handle that file for you, and given access to your calendar, can quickly add items to your calendar.

This video uses a nice application from Quincy Mitchell named Add to Calendar.

Maybe someday, the OS will have this baked in, but for now, we’re happy that the extensions can be handled by 3rd party applications.

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Windows Phone 8: Email Live Tile Notifications

Live Tiles. You love them right? Do you know what the live tile updates for email actually mean? It’s not the number of unread messages, it’s the number of new messages since the last time you opened your email on your phone.

This is a quick video, showing you the difference.

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