Microsoft PDC Sessions/Keynotes online for Download

If you’re seen the tech new recently, you’ve heard about the Microsoft PDC (Professional Developers Conference). If you couldn’t make the conference (like me) then you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft has posted video of all the sessions and keynotes.

And they’re available for download. In fact, here is a set of CURL scripts that will download them for you all at once (or overnight depending on your bandwidth).

The script basically says – do I have this file? If no, go get it.

Included with the scripts, is a handy Renamer, that renames the file to the session name, which is much more meaningful than the original session number. But … what if (like my) you download 1/2 of them, and the other 1/2 die (or aren’t available)?

If you use the Renamer, the next time you try to fetch the videos, you’ll be fetching them all over again. So I hacked on the Renamer script a bit, to create an Un-Renamer 🙂 Basically the same script backwards. It just took a few minutes, but I thought it might be helpful to provide for others.