WinPhoneUnleashed Event–Tempe AZ May 5th

Last year, several community leaders held a Windows Phone Unleashed event. This year we hosted it again with @DanWahlin taking the presentation lead (and speaker manager role) while I stayed behind and ran logistics.

Last year we focused on Applications, where this event focused on XNA Games. we had a great turn out, and we snapped a few pictures of the applications that were built.

We also had a WinPhone Celeb: Jonathan Isabelle who has written “Jack of all Tools” for Windows Phone, which now has (to date) 140k downloads. We sat down with Jonathan for a few minutes and recorded a small social cast.

Scott Cate and Jonathan Isabelle

We had a great time, and I would like to thank the Speakers for their efforts, the community for their support, and Microsoft for the content.

@AZGroups  For The Win