Uber: Town Car Service on Demand

Uber is a new(ish) type of fancy car service that is on demand, and is now available in PHX Metro (and growing quickly to most parts of the world). I’ve used Uber in AZ, CA, and WA and NYC. Always great service; fast and clean. They have an iPhone and Android app, (and a non official Windows Phone App). After requesting a ride, these apps let you see where your car is on the map so you know right when (and where) you’re car is going to arrive.

It’s easy for pickup (at the mall or something) because you also get the Driver name and Phone number for texting back and forth.

Uber has a rating system, where you can rate the driver, and the driver can rate you as the passenger; So it’s much safer than a random off the street cab, since you can rely on riders before you, and their feedback. The cars and SUV’s I’ve ridden in, have always been new(er), clean, and the drivers are friendly and don’t stink.

Lastly, you don’t pay the driver. You pay using the Uber app, and then Uber pays the driver. Tip is even already included.

If you’re going to be traveling, and you think you might need a car service, give them a try. Full Disclosure: By use the links provided, if you sign up for Uber we both get a $20.00 credit.

This is my referral link: https://uber.com/invite/uberscottcate